Cold soaking the Pinot Noir

by Serena on October 3, 2010

We picked two different lots of Pinot noir last week.  Both lots went from the vineyard to the  winery for crushing/de-stemming and then into tanks to undergo a cold maceration (“cold soak”).  Keeping the grape juice and skins in a cool environment for a couple of days makes several things happen:

  • compounds from the grapes get extracted into the must
  • color is extracted from the skins which helps create a darker colored juice
  • the aromatics of the wine are increased as elements from the skins, seeds, and grape body seep into the juice
  • it reduces the chances of a spontaneous fermentation

Pinot noir macerating

In one of our lots, a spontaneous fermentation began on day 3 so we let it kick off for a day before inoculating it with yeast.  We’ll go into detail about inoculation in another post.

– Serena

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