A flurry of activity resulting in a “soon to be open” announcement

June 6, 2011

While the silence on our blog was deafening, we were heads down building our new tasting room!  We found a space in Healdsburg about 2 blocks from the central square.  Because our focus is on small, handcrafted lots, we got together with another winemaker (Christian Stark of Stark Wine) who is also a boutique wine […]

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Cold soaking the Pinot Noir

October 3, 2010

We picked two different lots of Pinot noir last week.  Both lots went from the vineyard to the  winery for crushing/de-stemming and then into tanks to undergo a cold maceration (“cold soak”).  Keeping the grape juice and skins in a cool environment for a couple of days makes several things happen: compounds from the grapes […]

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Thank You Dinner in the Floodgate Vineyard

July 26, 2010

On a recent Saturday evening we shared an amazing vineyard tour and meal at Floodgate Vineyard with several of Cartograph’s biggest supporters. It was a great group of people who have been involved with Cartograph since it’s inception. We couldn’t have made it this far without support from an incredible network of family and friends. […]

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